Ann E. Schlosser 

Professor of Marketing
Evert McCabe Faculty Fellow
Department of Marketing and International Business
Michael G. Foster School of Business

University of Washington
Box 353226
522 Paccar Hall
Seattle, WA 98195

ph: 206-685-7497
fax: 206-685-9392

Recognition and Awards: 

  • Identified as the person with the most single-authored publications in the Journal of Consumer Psychology’s 20-year history (1992-2012) at the Society of Consumer Psychology Conference (2012) in Las Vegas, NV.
  • Identified as one of the 50 most prolific scholars in marketing (1982-2006) in Seggie, Steven H. and David A. Griffith (2009), “What Does It Take to Get Promoted in Marketing Academia? Understanding Exceptional Publication Productivity in the Leading Marketing Journals," Journal of Marketing, 73(January), 122-132.
  • Identified as the second most prolific scholar of Internet-related research in marketing (1994-2003) in Cho, C.-H. and H. Khang (2006). "The State of Internet-Related Research in Communications, Marketing, and Advertising: 1994-2003," Journal of Advertising 35(3): 143-163.
  • Identified with “High Honors” in the honor roll of consumer researchers (1985-2004) in Blackwell, Roger D., Paul W. Miniard and James F. Engel (2006), Consumer Behavior (10th edition).
  • Stellner Distinguished Scholar for 2006-2007, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Lex N. Gamble Family Award for Excellence in the Field of E-Commerce, 2006.
  • Winner of MSI-JCP Research Competition on Product Assortment and Variety-Seeking, 2004 (with Tiffany B. White).
  • Elected to Full Member status of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, 1999.
  • Finalist for Division 49 American Psychological Association Dissertation Award, 1998.
  • @d:tech Scholarship for individual contribution to understanding the influence of technology on advertising, communication, and marketing, 1997.
  • American Academy of Advertising Industry fellowship, 1996.



  • Doctoral seminar in Consumer Behavior
  • E-Business Marketing (MBA course)
  • Internet Marketing (undergraduate course)
  • Marketing Concepts (undergraduate course)
  • Marketing Management (MBA course)
  • Marketing Research (MBA and undergraduate courses)

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